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Bachelor Party on Board

For special moments, we offer you special days. Jump on board with your friends and enjoy a fantastic day that will remain forever in your memory.  

Programs starting with Half-day cruises, for a wild party on board, that only ends at sunset or with the moon already in the sky.

Cruises in Lisbon, Cascais or Algarve, with lunch or dinner stops in the calm waters of the bay. Bring your bikini or shorts and enjoy the Ocean and the Sun.

Duration: 2 H (Sunset Tour) - Drinks Included

                  1/2 Day (Morning / Afternoon) -Drinks included 

                  Full Day - Optional Dinner or Lunch


Menu (Lunch or Dinner)

Our Catering provider "Papa Mia" offers you a professional service  with a "homemade" food taste and quality.


- Cold Menu : Wraps; Salads; Sandwich; etc

- Hot Menu: Codfish with Cream; Duck Rice; etc

- Vegetarian Menu

- Dessert
All the Menus include Drinks (Wine, Juice and Water)

A Day you and your Friends will never Forget! Fair Winds for Everyone!
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