Sailing Courses

Our Sailing Courses are for all levels of Sailors. We normally begin with our " Start Sailing" course, that aims for those who are curious about Sailing, but never had a chance to set foot on board, and finish with all the Sail Triming and tunning tricks with our advanced and regatta courses.

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Start Sailing (October to April)


For someone who allways  liked to watch the Sails on the horizon, now is the time to come on board!

A Sailing Course that introduces you to World of Sailing, and that will allow you to understand if this is your true passion.

Duration: 16 hours (4 sessions of 4 hours)

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday (From 9h30 to 13h30 or 14h30 to 18h30)

NOTE: The chance of doing it all in 1 week*

* 1 week Sailing - Monday to Friday (Morning or Afternoon)

* 1 week Afterwork - Monday to Friday (Starting at 18h)


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Full Sailing Course (October to April)

Would you like to learn all the manouvres and life on board a Sailing boat?


Do you allready have a license and want to improve your handling and techniques?

Beyond Sail training, you will gain all the experience to handle your own boat. Come on board, assume the helm and start exploring.

Duration: 32 hours (8 Sessions of 4 hours)

Schedule: Saturday and Sunday (From 9h30 to 13h30 or 14h30 to 18h30)

OFFERS: * 1 Sailing Class for 1 Guest

                      * Team Polo at the end of the Course


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Advanced Course / Regatta (October to April)

Do you have what it takes to assume a position on board a Sail Boat on a weekend Regatta? Do you feel comfortable jumping into an extreme sailing catamaran and having all that speed in your hands?

Now it's time to improve those skills and learn how to be one of the team members:

-Spinnaker Maneuver (Spi);
​-Regatta Training Sessions;

-Full day on a Extreme Sailing Catamaran (Hobiecat);

-Participation in weekend regattas and ocean sailing practice.

Duration: 40 hours (Includes Regattas and Training)

Schedule: Saturday and Sundays

OFFERS: * 1 Team Regatta Polo

                      * Regatta Rules Handbook